Web Scraping Extensions For Programmers From Semalt

If you scrape websites with Python, the chances are that you have already tried httplib and urllib requests. Selenium is a comprehensive Python framework that uses bots to scrape different web pages. All these services don't provide reliable results; so, you must try the following extensions to get your work done:

1. Data Scraper:

It is a popular Chrome extension; Data Scraper scrapes data from both basic and advanced web pages. Programmers and coders can target a large number of dynamic sites, social media websites, travel portals and news outlets. Data is collected and scraped as per your instructions, and the results are saved in CSV, JSON, and XLS formats. You can also download a partial or entire website in the form of lists or tables. Data Scraper is not only suitable for programmers but also good for non-programmers, students, freelancers, and scholars. It carries out a number of scraping tasks simultaneously and saves your time and energy.

2. Web Scraper:

It is another Chrome extension; Web Scraper has a user-friendly interface and allows us to create sitemaps conveniently. With this extension, you can navigate through different web pages and scrape an entire or partial site. Web Scraper comes both in free and paid versions and is suitable for programmers, webmasters, and startups. It takes only a few seconds to scrape your data and downloads it to your hard drive.

3. Scraper:

This is one of the most famous Firefox extensions; Scraper is a reliable and powerful screen scraping and data mining service. It has a user-friendly interface and extracts data from online tables and lists. The data is then converted into readable and scalable formats. This service is suitable for programmers and extracts web content using XPath and JQuery. We can copy or export the data to Google Docs, XSL and JSON files. The interface and features of Scraper are similar to Import.io.

4. Octoparse:

It is a Chrome extension and one of the most powerful web scraping services. It handles both static and dynamic sites with cookies, JavaScript, redirects, and AJAX. Octoparse has claimed to scrape more than two million web pages so far. You can create multiple tasks, and Octoparse will handle them all simultaneously, saving your time and energy. All the information is visible online; you can also download the desired files to your hard drive with a few clicks.

5. ParseHub:

It is suitable for enterprise and programmers; Parsehub is not only a Firefox extension but also a great web scraping and crawling tool. ParseHub uses AJAX technology and scrapes sites with redirects and cookies. It can read and transform different web documents into relevant information in a matter of minutes. Once downloaded and activated, ParseHub can carry out multiple data scraping tasks at the same time. Its desktop application is suitable for Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows users. Its free version undertakes up to fifteen scraping projects, and the paid plan allows us to handle more than 50 projects at a time.

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